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TETIS Biotechnology advances by proving the sustainable use of marine resources in the light of scientific data with green production technology-oriented research and development projects.

Discarded Marine Resources and Invasive Species

fishing net

As a result of the fishing activities in the Turkish seas, besides the economically important species, non-target species that are not of commercial importance are also obtained. So much so that the rate of these species in the total prey sometimes reaches 70-80%. Among these species, there are invasive species that disrupt the biodiversity balance in the marine ecosystem. We carry out our R&D studies for the use of these resources for the production of marine hydrolyzed protein from the perspective of ecosystem-based marine resources management.  

Aquaculture Wastes

We carry out R&D studies for obtaining raw materials suitable for human use by using the wastes of sea bass, sea bream and salmon species obtained from aquaculture and transferring accurate information to the consumer in a traceable manner. 

Fish Scale Texture
Natural Beauty Products

Green Technology Blue Health

Production of marine collagen that can be used in the fields of cosmetics and biomedicine with the use of green production technologies using marine resources.

Green Technology Blue Food

Realization of marine collagen  production, which can be used in food fields, by using green production technologies using marine resources.

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