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Marine collagen is a type of collagen that is derived from fish skin or scales. It is a protein that makes up a significant part of our skin, bones, and connective tissues, and is said to play a role in maintaining skin elasticity and hydration.

Why is
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Marine collagen stands out as a food supplement supported by numerous scientific studies. Let's take a look to understand the purposes for which it is used.

Fitness Movements in the Gym

Muscle Health

Marine collagen supports the regeneration and repair of muscle fibers. It increases muscle mass and endurance while reducing muscle fatigue after exercise. Additionally, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, it plays an active role in reducing exercise-induced inflammation and relieving muscle pain.

Face cream


As we age, the body experiences a decrease in collagen production. This causes wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging to appear. Marine collagen slows down the aging process and helps improve skin appearance.

Joint pain

Joint Health

Marine collagen is an effective supplement to maintain and improve joint health. It supports joint mobility by increasing the flexibility and durability of joint cartilage. It also helps relieve joint pain and supports the reduction of joint inflammation.

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Gut Health

By supporting intestinal health, marine collagen relieves the symptoms of digestive disorders such as bowel syndrome and ensures the regular functioning of the digestive system.

Face Mask Application


Marine collagen helps improve skin health, reduce wrinkles and balance skin tone by increasing skin elasticity and hydration. It plays a supporting role for a young and bright skin appearance.

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