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Tetis Biotechnology was established in 2018 with the support of TÜBİTAK 1512 BİGG. It aims to produce different bioactive compounds using green production technologies, supporting the sustainable use of our marine resources in light of academic research. In addition, it develops various prototype products for the food, cosmetic, and biomedical fields. Since its establishment, it has been conducting research for both the Turkish and European markets with the support of public institution grants and the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT Food).

Tetis Biotechnology aims to utilize economically non-important species in fisheries and the by-products of marine products produced through aquaculture for the benefit of society in a sustainable manner, both directly and indirectly affecting ecosystem health.


Tetis Biotechnology aims to sustainably use the wastes of species that do not have economic importance in fisheries and directly or indirectly affect ecosystem health, and seafood produced by aquaculture for the benefit of society. 

It carries out the production of biocompounds obtained from marine sources by using green production technologies with a zero waste vision.

Cliffs ve Okyanus


By bringing together the concepts of social equality and environmental sustainability that support growth within the scope of the blue economy, we aim to achieve maximum efficiency from our country's existing marine resources and to develop this culture for human welfare and health.

We produce environmentally friendly products by using green production technology without harming our natural resources and by reducing carbon emission and chemical use.

Mermer Yüzey
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